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Exam Technology
Topcon Digital Retinal Camera
 The Topcon Retinal Camera is very important in capturing the appearance of any retinal disease, and communicating problems between doctors and surgeons.
It also allows us to track the progression or ensure the stability of any retinal diseases.
A Digital Retinal Camera is essential in management of the glaucomas. Photographic documentation of diabetic retinopathy patients keeps a database of the progression of the disease and it's on going management and control.

33% Greater Resolution
The 3.1 Mega Pixel color chip provides superior detail of the retinal surface for all types of diagnostic needs, from disc evaluation for glaucoma to hypertension and diabetic retinopathy screening.

Smaller Pupil Size
Allows high quality images with an even smaller 3.7mm pupil. A real benefit when managing patients on medications or with asymmetric pupils.

Low Flash Intensity
The sensitivity of the new 3.1 Mega Pixel color chip works well even at a low flash intensity. This results in better compliance with "Specific Needs" patients.
Auto Exposure
Topcon’s AE (Auto Exposure) helps the us help you by automatically adjusting the exposure to the necessary intensity for properly illuminated images.

Wider Field of Coverage
The Topcon Digital Retina camera employs one central internal fixation target, two selectable nasal targets and two selectable temporal targets, allowing a wider retinal area to be observed.

Thumbnail Image Display
The images can be shown in a thumbnail display (4-up, 9-up or 16-up configuration), allowing the operator to instantly view multiple images. This feature is useful when selecting images to be transferred to other media.

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